It all starts with an email you receive. Or maybe you saw a social media post. Mobile Moolah is the next BIG thing. In fact, I am writing this today, November 9th, 2021, and it was just released.

The sales page makes you think the product helps you use your smartphone to make big money.  A direct quote from the sales page:

One “Magic-Button” On Our New Smartphone
App Makes Us $105.94, Every Hour !

This can not be further from the truth of how it actually works.

I found a very promising video which explains part of how it works – which I will share shortly – that made it sound great.

But – not so fast. We have to keep in mind that the video-reviewing person also wants to sell the product, so he wants to show it in a good light so you will buy from his affiliate link.

He never shares the crummy part.

Well, you can not buy it through my affiliate link. I don’t have one.

And, in fact, as usual, I’ll tell you the truth right up front.

It has nada – zero – zilch – to do with anything mobile OR moolah. And unless you are pretty good at working with WordPress, forget it. You will be nothing more than frustrated.

Other review sites might go on and on about who created it, blah blah blah. None of that matters if it doesn’t work for you straight out of the box.

A Brief Synopsis of What It Really Is

Mobile Moolah really has nothing at all to do with your smartphone. You can’t make any money on your phone with it. Period.

It is actually a software that can create WordPress websites to promote Clickbank products. That’s pretty much it. Just not very good websites.

A video-promoter of the product does an excellent job of explaining part of the product in his video. Watch the 20-minute video here, if you like, and then read on.

What’s Missing from the Video

The instructions that the reviewer gives are perfect. BUT I noticed that the review is thorough only up to a point. The video never reveals the resulting page that is created that you will use to sell the Clickbank product.

So I tried it out.

I did the same thing as in the video, importing 10 Clickbank offers. When I went to view one of the pages, it had a “page not found” error like this:

I build WordPress websites for a living, so I knew what to do. Would you?????

I’ll tell you, in case you want to know. In the left menu, navigate to Settings>Permalinks. Select “post-name” and save.

I did that so I could see the page.

View the resulting live page here:

Or if the link doesn’t work – they may kick me out after this review – here is a link to a picture of the page. (It’s too large to include it in the post)

Or I have created a pdf that you can view HERE.

What a mess!

The video doesn’t tell you that you need to be a WordPress designer, or at least know something – okay, quite a LOT – to create a moderately attractive, shareable offer page. By the way, even I, a seasoned designer, would have to spend quite a bit of time getting the page to look good by starting from what you are given to work with.

That is completely deceitful. 

Sometimes I Can Go On and On…

Sometimes I can go on and on about the good or bad of a particular product.

But this is an easy one.

Mobile Moolah will absolutely not help you earn cash from your phone.

Mobile Moolah will also not help anyone who is website challenged in the least. You will be left frustrated and disgusted with the fact that you spent $17 dollars of your money.

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee. But most people just chalk it up to another fist full of cash wasted.

Can I offer a Suggestion?

I know that you are a smart marketer and want to find solutions. But you won’t get the solutions you need for $17. I have yet to find any free or cheap solution that is worth my money or time.

And I hope you don’t see my suggestion as just another pitch. Okay, so I know it is one, but it comes from the heart of someone who’s been around the block a few times.

I recommend you give the 301K Challenge a shot. I mean, at least watch the video and read about it.

I swear it is where I found success. You will learn everything you need to know – along with easy beginner-walk-through solutions to building those pages. The creator, Igor Kheifets, is honest and sincere, and, if you sign up, you will be able to interact with him personally via weekly Q&A sessions.

Learn about the 301K Challenge here

program is a noBottom Line…

Keep your money in your pocket when it comes to Mobile Moolah. I spent my $17 dollars so you don’t have to spend yours.

Learn about the 301K Challenge to see if it is right for you. I promise it is worthwhile. Mobile Moolah is most definitely not.

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