What is BTC Clicks? BTC Clicks has two sides:

  • A place to earn Bitcoin by clicking and viewing advertisements and referring others to do the same
  • A place for advertisers who want to get their website in front of the BTC Clicks audience

NOTE: The first thing people want to know when they read a review is whether or not they should get involved. Well, the answer here could be yes or no, depending on your situation. Read on for a better explanation.

A Brief History of BTC Clicks

Looking under the hood of the domain name, btcclicks.com was registered in April 2013. The current expiry date is April 2029. That signals overall longevity and an anticipation of continued existence, which is usually a good thing.

Traffic to the site comes primarily from Venezuela, seconded by Russia. The site has approximately 40,000 visitors daily, so it is popular and busy.

Their website servers are located in the United States.

The owner of BTC Clicks is Youssef Gaber, and the company is headquartered in Panama.

The site and company seem to have complete legitimacy, and it passes my test.

Earning on BTC Clicks

BTCclicks.com is for those who would like to earn Bitcoin in exchange for viewing ads. The amount you can earn, however, is small by United States’ standards. That’s why I said “yes or no” at the beginning. In some countries – perhaps Venezuela – the money earned is worthwhile.

In the United States, maybe it’s something you don’t mind doing for about 30 minutes while watching television to eventually have a little stash that didn’t require much effort.

Let’s break it down:

  • For each ad you click, you earn from .00001 – .00003 mBTC
  • A mBTC, which is milliBitcoin. A milliBitcoin is equal to one thousandth of a Bitcoin.
  • In US Dollars, .00001 mBTC = USD 0.0001935
  • Therefore, at an average of 0.00002 mBTC earned per click, you would have to view over 2,500 sites to earn one cent.

If you refer others in, you earn .00001 mBTC for each site they surf – that would be free money! So if you can get enough others to join, and get them to participate, you have extra earnings!

Premium Membership:

If you opt for the premium membership:

  • It costs .405 mBTC per 90 days, or about USD 7.85 (at this writing)
  • You get double the ad click rewards and double the referral click rewards, so it might be worthwhile, if you and your referrals are diligent.

Withdrawal of Funds:

The minimum for withdrawal of funds is 0.1 mBTC, which is, today, the equivalent of about USD 2.00, however, you would have to view about 5,000 pages to earn that (without referrals).

I’ve noticed that they only allow me less than 30 pages to view per day – it does not seem to be unlimited. At that rate, it would take me more than 170 days to earn about USD 2.00.


This is the networking part of BTC Clicks. It only works if everyone participates, including you.

Just because you get referrals, you are not totally off the hook. You still have to do your part by clicking and viewing some ads.

The Flip Side: Advertising on BTC Clicks

Setting up your ad is relatively easy, and pretty cheap. You are, essentially, setting up a link to your desired site that will be surfed (viewed) by the earners above.

You have some options here, but here are a few basics:

  • Minimum Ad Clicks (impressions) to purchase is 2,000
  • You have an option of ad duration from 10 seconds up to 200 seconds (pricing adjusts accordingly)
  • You have an option to remove the banner ad at the top right
  • You have an option for demographic filtering by country

The Cost?

  • 2,000 Ad Clicks with a duration of your ad on the screen of 10 seconds
  • CPC 0.00008 mBTC (cost per click)
  • Total cost would be 0.16000 mBTC = USD 3.10

Seemingly inexpensive. Here are some of the additional features:

  • Ad links are archived on the “Archived Advertisements” page once they expire (backlink).
  • All visitors are guaranteed to be bitcoin users. This is a perfect opportunity to advertise your bitcoin related website or your bitcoin-accepting shop.
  • Viewers are forced to view your advertisement for the whole duration. Going to another tab or window will stop the ad timer.
  • Fraudulent clicks are not counted.
  • Non-member clicks are not counted.
  • No sign up required.
  • Detailed reports with visitor countries

One note: the people who see the ads are those who are paid to click and view them. They may or may not be bitcoin users. They probably don’t have additional funds for investing in an advertisers program, if money is required.

Why BTC Clicks is Genius

We are talking about small amounts of money here. But guess what?

  • There are places in the world where these small amounts of money can make a big difference in one’s pocket or the economy.
  • There are people who earn nothing all day, because they are unable do other tasks – it could be a perfect add-on activity for them
  • There are programs out there for which this might be a good fit in terms of advertising.
  • The website has 40,000 visitors per day!

Do the math: Here’s an Example:

  • Advertiser pays .00008 mBTC per click
  • “Clicker” (earner) gets .00002 mBTC per click/view
  • Net is .00006 mBTC
  • Assume each visitor views 20 ads (40,000 x 20 = 800,000)
  • .00006 mBTC x 800,000 = 48 mBTC = USD 928.00 (as of this writing) = USD 338,720/year

Doesn’t sound like much? This is only an example. It might be much more. By the way, it’s completely hand’s off. The owner does not have to do anything to interact with the system. It just goes along on its own.

A Few Pros and Cons

I don’t always like to single out the good and bad of something because readers tend to focus on the negative. But BTC Clicks is going to be great for some people in the world. But here you go:


  • Easy and completely free to start earning. You don’t even need a bitcoin account until you’ve earned something.
  • When withdrawing, you get your payment immediately into your wallet
  • Clicking and viewing ads is extremely easy


  • Limited potential to earn
  • Only one payment method, which is bitcoins – but hey, you knew that was the deal from the name of the website, right?
  • The phone app is not in Google play store, but there is one on APK. I don’t know about iPhone.


In this BTCClicks.com review, I give it a thumbs up. It is a legitimate way to earn some Bitcoin. Granted, the earnings aren’t huge, but they add up, and if you get referrals it can add up a little faster.

Yes and no – it will be right for some, but not everyone. In terms of “easy earning online”, I like it way better than Rotate4All, which seems to have too many rules that can be broken accidentally, preventing the unknowing earner from getting paid. At least here, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your money.

If you have a bit of free time each day, or you live where these small amounts are a HUGE deal, do it!

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