Get more traffic for your website – that’s what we all want, right? Yea, me included. So we search online for possible solutions, especially ones that are free or low cost to fit a newbie’s budget.

For this article, I’m talking about your own blog website, primarily. Not those of you promoting who knows what scheme or “quick cash” program.

Often, what we find is something called a “traffic exchange site”. It might be called something different, like a place to get “hot leads”, but, when put to use in a useful way, it can actually be a good tool.

Why is it Called an “Exchange Site”?

The idea is, you visit other people’s sites, and they visit yours. The length of time one stays on the other site varies from 10-40 seconds or so. In doing this, everyone should benefit from more site visitors.

But keep reading…

My Initial Unimpressed Experience

When I started looking at sites that promised “more leads”, I was looking for, well, more leads like everyone else. So I signed on looking for:

  • People to click on my links, or
  • People to add to my mailing list
  • People to do ANYTHING to create potential money making activity!

I was frustrated and unimpressed. Seemed like such a huge waste of time, energy and money. I was like everyone else. I had some kind of “thing” to promote, and couldn’t figure out how to promote it.

That is, until I figured it out.

How People Are Using Traffic Exchange Sites

Generally, when you sign up for any of these sites, and if you are new to them, you’ll see your dashboard and have to figure out how it works. There are variations:

  • You will be able to share a link to the site (your affiliate link) and capture the email address of the person who signs up using your link.
  • You will be able to obtain traffic to whatever website or page you would like. How this happens varies greatly.

Usually you’ll notice that most other users are promoting their “get rich quick” programs. It’s just plain crazy. Nonetheless, you’ll think, at first, you should do that too.

But don’t do it. It does not work. There is another way.

The problem is, people look at each page they see for the least amount of time possible and move on. Few people, if any, are signing up or doing anything else. PS The same will be true for you…

What I figured out

Eureka! I finally figured it out (but be sure to read the next section – it isn’t perfect).

I have a blog.

If I can increase traffic to my blog, it may rank higher in Google, especially if the traffic is of worthwhile quality. For me that means primarily from North America, since that’s where I am located, along with a few other bits of criteria.

So, if I share links to varous blog articles scattered throughout the traffic exchange sites, I get visits to different pages on my website, hopefully improving my ranking.

Take Caution!

Why caution? The downside is that visitors from traffic exchange sites are typically only on that one single page for anywhere from 10-40 seconds, and then they leave.

Google has a statistic called the “bounce rate”. The bounce rate is calculated by taking the total number of one-page visits to your website and dividing it by the total number of visits made to your site. But if visitors “bounce” away too quickly and are not engaged with the site, that becomes calculated into the equation. It is best, if possible, to keep the bounce rate below 70%.

Therefore, if you have visitors from exchange sites only, it can cause the bounce rate to be higher.

Read on for a solution…

How to Use Traffic Exchange Sites to Your Advantage

Steal My “Cocktail Mix”

I’ve created a sort of “online cocktail mix” that works very well, and I’m going to share it with you here. Do these two things first, if you haven’t already:

  1. Sign up for, which is free and can stay free, if you like (but once you get started you will likely want to be a paid member – this site has a lot to offer). I have selected this site because you can set the page view time for those surfing your website to 40 seconds, which is pretty good.
  2. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliates, which will also be free to start, and read below as to how it works in the mix.

Here’s how it works:

  1. List your website blog pages on . They have a “page surfing” feature. If you are in North America, you’ll want to access advanced settings, then set your linked pages to be surfed in North America and for the longest period of time, which is 40 seconds. (there is a little more to using the site, but this is the basis for this article).
  2. Within Wealthy Affiliates, giving and receiving comments is a part of the program. For every two comments you leave others, you can request a comment on any page of your website (that allows comments). These page visits are generally longer because members of Wealthy Affiliates participating in commenting will read all or part of the page content AND leave a decently written comment (you get to approve it/reply and put it on the page – a huge bonus which shows page interaction).
  3. Note: Be sure to spread the potential page visits out across your site, not just to the home page.

The Bottom Line

Traffic exchange sites can be an extremely useful tool for the affiliate or network marketer when used in conjunction with other online tools and resources.

Rather than simply try to push out a “get rich quick scheme” to people, give them some useful information – like a blog – and you will have more success. If what you are trying to pitch is worthwhile, just talk about it as part of a blog post.

Want to get started but not sure how? Try Wealthy Affiliates for free. There’s a whole community of people who can help you out.