List Building Tools can fall into a few categories, and selecting list building software can be dicey. Why? There are so many programs out there looking to eat up your time and money, it’s almost scary.

What I’d like to do, is try to help clarify some of the differences between the various list building tools out there.

There are email marketing tools, designed to help you legally collect email addresses from prospective future purchasers so that you can market to them. Lead pages are the most common. That’s not what I’ll be talking about here.

I’m going to be discussing online programs that call themselves “list building tools” that may help you grow connections, but do not help you grow your email list.

First, A Tiny Bit About Email Lists

When I say “list building” what do you think of? I’m pretty sure your email list comes to mind first. So as you look to build an email list, you need to find a method to bring people onto your list in a CAN-SPAM Act compliant way (or whatever compliant is for your country). Typically, they will opt in via a form you have on line, or an integrated program.

Overtime, you should begin to build a list of people with an interest in your topics and what you have to say. These will likely be future purchasers for your business.

Building an honest, solid email list is a great way to grow your business. Not to mention the fact that email marketing is still the most effective way to connect with your audience.

There are, however, “list building tools” – website that call themselves “list builders” –  that don’t necessarily give you email addresses, and, even if they do, you can’t just add them to your email database.

Online List Building Platforms

When you stumble onto a list buidling platform, the hook is, typically, you are building connections with others – possibly worldwide – within the platform. And yes, that is true.

You will always be able to start for free, but will be encouraged to upgrade to a paid “membership”.

An excellent example of a site that is almost purely a “List Building Site” is Global Moneyline.

When you join Global Moneyline, anyone who joins after you is placed under you, in your “downline”, no matter who referred them. So the idea is, they are all your downline, or “moneyline”. Also, by clicking on ads from others who joined before you, they become, sort of, your personal contacts. You can message them within the platform (and hope they see it and message back).

At Global Moneyline, you can send a single communication within the platform to anyone in your moneyline (aka downline), but just the one. So if they don’t see it, too bad.

Some are Combination Platforms

There are some programs that combine list building within their platform, most often with traffic exchange opportunities.

A good example would be However, in this case, they are more traffic exchange centered. Nevertheless, you can connect with others on the platform by requesting to connect, and the other person agreeing to do so.

The Problem with Online List Building Platforms

The problems, as I see it are:

  • People who sign-up for List Building Platforms are looking to find others who are interested in their program (or whatever). They are not interested in your program.
  • You can only connect with people within the platform. So, you can’t email or call them, or even text them outside the platform. There is a small chance you might get a relationship going, very small…
  • If you are a free “member”, or if there are membership tiers, they will tell you upfront to “upgrade” to get the most exposure on the website.
  • If someone signs up with your referral link, you may have their email address, BUT you still can’t “market” to them unless they have signed up with that as an understood element of the platform.

It’s Not All Bad

There is a reason these platforms exist, and many many people have had enormous success. That’s why you have folks that have been members for years at the top levels. They put in the time and effort to get rewarded as members of the site.

I admit to having some success myself. So I know it works if you keep at it.

The Bottom Line

With online list building platforms, you are often building a list of possible contacts within their platform. In many cases you may not have access to email addresses, and, even if you did, you could not legally just add them to your email database unless they agreed to that (which they probably didn’t).

My final thought: Since you can sign up for free in most cases, go ahead and sign up and have a look around. If it seems like something that will help you grow your business, be sure to stick with it long enough to give it an honest try. They usually will work to help in the long run.

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