When I heard about GooglyPay I did the same thing most people do. I Googled “GooglyPay Reviews” – of course!

What I found was heartbreaking – a bunch of people copying the “benefits” from the sales page. But I didn’t find one who had used the product. If they had, their review would have been much different.

GooglyPay is an affiliate-based product, so those with copycat reviews are just trying to sell the product and make a fast buck.

I am not an affiliate, so I can tell you the truth.

I know this will be hard to grasp, but here goes……

It absolutely DOES NOT “pay me $49.00 over n’ over for simply searching on Google”.

I know – you are shocked!!! 😉

But let’s look under the hood together so you can see what it does do.

So, if you thought you could make money just searching Google from some “loop hole” forget it! You can stop reading now and walk away.

If you are wondering exactly what GooglyPay is, then read on.

Getting Started

Once you finish reading my review, you might find value in at least one aspect of GooglyPay (wait for it…).

So, if you decide to purchase, just go for the $19 initial opt-in page – avoid all of the offered upgrades.

But wait! There’s more!

Before clicking on the “Buy Now” button, bring your mouse to the top like you are planning to exit and you can save a whopping $2 – bringing your overall cost to $17.

It is a pretty small investment.

A Brief Overview

GooglyPay actually includes a lot of elements which I will list and then go into in detail. Here’s what you can do:

  • Search for leads (a possible plus, as eluded to above)
  • Search for images
  • Search for videos
  • Search for Warrior Plus, Clickbank or JVZoo deals
  • Create lead pages
  • Create Emails
  • Post and Comment on Facebook and Instagram
  • Perform analytics tasks

The sales page states “search Google and get paid”. There is nowhere within this software to do that.

But a few of the items above have the potential to be useful.

Once You’re In…

You will be at a white screen with a search bar in the middle. You’ll probably think like I did – “What the —??”

Definitely go to the training videos first. They aren’t too long and you’ll begin to get it very quickly.

Searching for Leads

This is the one thing that might make the $17 investment worthwhile. I say “might” because I did not test to see if the leads were real, etc.

Navigate to Search>Leads. In the search bar, type in the type of lead you are looking for. As an example, type “bitcoin” and you will have a list of 50 email addresses that are, supposedly, folks interested in bitcoin.

You CAN NOT automatically add these names to your email marketing. You CAN individually email them.

If this works, it could be very useful. Or you might have spent $17 bucks for naught.

What I would do:

Create a separate Gmail account to send from. Then create an email body and subject line. Once it is created, click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the email and click on template>create. Give it a name. Now I would call up that template, copy the email address in and send. If it were me, I would send no more than 50 per day, so as not to become overwhelmed.

If you do what is suggested, and get no response, then I guess it was a try.

Searching for Images and Videos

This is just as it sounds. Navigate to Search>Images. Type in a keyword or phrase. For instance “home business” and some potential images to use will come up.

The only thing here is that Unsplash already gives us thousands of great free images to use.

Another nice image resource is Canva. Canva has images right in the program, and you can create what you need right there, adding text or combining images together.

If you are using a video software like Invideo, the short video clips in GooglyPay could be useful. Note, however, that you can start using Invideo for free, and they also have short video clips that you can use.

Searching for Offers

If you are looking for affiliate offers and want to get an initial look all in one place, navigate to Marketing>Search Offers and select Clickbank, JVZoo or Warriorplus.

I used JVZoo to make a comparison. The newest deals were not showing on GooglyPay. They looked to be about two weeks behind.

Also, for Clickbank it only showed about 12 offers – there are thousands on the Clickbank site, as you probably know already.

There are also no Statistics shown, so you would have to visit the respective listings website anyway if you want to do it correctly.

Email Campaigns

I confess, I did not spend one moment of time on this. If you’re going to create email campaigns, do it right. Even I have a “list building mentor”, Igor Kheifets. You can watch his video here to learn more about campaigns and email list building. Igor is the King when it comes to email campaigns (yes, there are others better than me – by far).

My suggestion: Even if you decide to buy GooglyPay, don’t make it for this reason.

“Money Making Pages”

They mean landing pages, which will only make money if they convert visitors into paying customers. If you decide to buy anyway, you can look through and play with this. They have quite a few templates to choose from.

I would use Lead Pages. It’s affordable and, if you are in this to make money, it will easily begin to pay for itself.

Post and Comment on Facebook and Instagram

Again,  there are so many better ways to do this, so it’s not a reason to purchase the software. If you are looking for something more than Facebook’s own tools, you might try Hootsuite or PromoRepublic. They are completely different, but will give you the tools you need.

Search on My Google Business

This is one of the headings within the software. Not surprisingly, when I wen to look at any of the links I had a screen message: “Something missing! No google app is configured yet, admin needs to configure at least one app.”

I didn’t see anyway to do this, so I sent a message to their support team. That was 4 days ago. I’m not holding my breath.


I could not see anyway to make anything work properly under the analytics heading work. There were hundreds of errors. When something did seem to work, it was completely useless.

Again, there are fantastic ways to do this – and many of them are completely free. no need to use this unhelpful and annoying software.

Complete garbage.

The Bottom Line…

program is a noI spent my $17 so you don’t have to spend yours.

I’ve given links to some of my best suggestions here. Not because I make money if you use my link – which, yes, I might, but because that’s where I personally spent my money and don’t regret it for one single minute.

Always remember, there is no easy way to make money online, If you could, everyone would be doing it and we’d all be rich from it.

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Every product that I mention I absolutely use myself. I pinky swear.