I don’t like writing negative reviews. But I seem to write more of them than I would like. So when a friend suggested I have a look at LeadsLeap, I was, frankly, ready to write yet one more.

But I was pleasantly surprised. LeadsLeap is not a dud! Hip hip hurray! It’s about time.

Let’s dive in.

Some Boring Statistics

According to Statscrop.com, the website was registered 13 years ago, and the founder of the company is Kenneth Koh. Yes, he still provides member support, so if you send in a support ticket from the site, he is the person who will answer it – for real.

They have a whopping 47,000 visitors daily. That means their membership – whether paid or free – is active on the site. The primary traffic is from the United States. The website is also hosted on servers located in the United States, which lends an air of legitimacy.

To get even more boring, the site is owned by Easttech Pte, Ltd in Singapore, of which Kenneth Koh is the owner, and it is privately owned.

Let’s move on to the good stuff…

An Overview of LeadsLeap

On first glance, LeadsLeap appears to be an ad exchange site. And yes, it is that. But what has attracted me to it is that there is more than that built into the program. LeadsLeap includes:

  • An Ad Exchange – create your first ad, then surf ads to earn points and, in turn, your ads are shown on the site.
  • A site for social reviews – highlighting your affiliate or network marketing links
  • An email marketing platform, including pop-up opt-in forms
  • creating and hosting lead pages (aka splash pages)
  • Opt-in pop-ups creation and set-up
  • A place to host images or pdfs, if you don’t currently have a place for this
  • You can earn a little cash – very little, so this shouldn’t be your main reason for joining 🙂

It’s free to join, and really easy to remain free. I am still free as of writing this review, and am considering a paid account very soon. There is a lot here – I especially like the email marketing aspect, and the pro version gives me a little more in that regard.

Getting Started With LeadsLeap

It seems like every program site I visit has the same problem – not enough instructions, right? LeadsLeap is a little similar until you get going.

Like others, it’s free to join. But, unlike others, you can actually stay free for a long long time if you want to. You get a LOT for free.

PRO TIP: Once you sign up, give yourself an hour or so to go through the site and familiarize yourself with the various available aspects, even if you won’t be able to use them right away. Just like anything, if you don’t thoroughly understand how it works, it will never help you to grow your business.

There is a lot to Leads Leap, and when you first sign on, you probably won’t be able to figure out what you are supposed to do. At least, that’s what happened to me. It wasn’t until I read the “welcome” email that I had a clue.

I’m going to save you the wonderment – here’s the skinny:

To get started, Click on “Dashboard” on the far left. Next to the big word “Dashboard” in the center area, look for the teeny tiny type “How to get started” next to it. The pop-up page will give you a quick introduction to all of the areas of the website.

It’s hard to find, but will get you going on the right track.

Setting Up Your Ads

You can set up 3 ads as a free user (10 as a pro). They can link to any program or website that you would like.

Just click on the “Post Credit Ads (Free)” in the left column and set up your first ad. I noticed that there is an ad review period once you set it up.

You will earn credits for ad surfing, and your ad will receive hits based on credits you earn, especially with the free version.

Social Review – My Favorite Part

You can write a review – short or long – on any program you have tried. It could be a favorable review or non-favorable review. In actuality, by reviewing a variety of things you can increase your trust factor. You don’t want to look as if you or only trying to “sell” others on things that might not actually be that good. So the occasional “bad” review is a good idea.

Here is a LINK TO ONE OF MY REVIEWS. Yes, these reviews are indexed by Google, so they do have a chance of showing up in a search, which is excellent!

Once you create a review, it will be “pending approval”. You can keep track of click throughs to your affiliate link right within LeadsLeap.

Link Tracker and Ad Bars

Link Tracker:

Use this tool alone for tracking conversions. Click on “Track Links” to create a link to track. There is more than one way to use this tool, and I found that looking for creative ways to use it will be something I’ll be thinking about. Once you are in, and begin creating a link, here is one way to use it:

Add the code under “Convert A” to an opt-in confirmation page. When a visitor opts-in and comes to that page, the tracker will identify this visitor as a successful ‘Convert A’.

You can set up up to two conversion trackers, ‘Convert A’ and ‘Convert B’. For example, ‘Convert A’ can track opt-in conversion and ‘Convert B’ can track sales.

Of course, this conversion tracking code can only be used on a webpage which you can add html code to. This means in most cases, it cannot be used to track the conversion for affiliated sales.

You can use a Tracked Link as a conversion page. To do that, just insert the above code to the form that can be accessed by clicking  of the Track Link.

Using the Link Tracker with the Ad Bar:

I like the idea of using these two tools together. They also are great for use in conjunction with other Traffic Exchange Sites such as EasyHits4U.

  1. Create the Link to track – as an example, I created a link tracker for my website home page. LeadsLeap assigns it a specific URL to use instead of the website URL
  2. Click on “Ad Bars” on the left and create an ad bar – I created a sample for my Santa promotion.
  3. I found that I had to connect the two things after the fact: On the Ad Bar, look for a tiny link image and click on it to connect the ad bar you have created to your desired link track page.

Now, when I share my Track Link, it shares both things – in this case, my home page and my Santa offer – see the example HERE.

There are a couple of other uses for this – I might just have to do a separate blog post on this thing alone.

The Little Question Marks

You might notice the little tiny question marks all over the website. I think they’ve done the best they could to leave bread crumbs to help you understand how some things work. When you hover over a question mark, a box with additional information will open up. Very very handy!

Each section also has a little finger with FAQ’s. Use these – they are very helpful.

Send Steed List Manager

Hey, here’s your email marketing option! As a free member, you can begin building an email list by offering any free offer you have, or use one from LeadsLeap. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD.

Free members get the opt-in email and one welcome email. As a Pro member, you can build an email series (sales funnel), which is what will make going Pro worth it in the long run.

Otherwise, it is free forever, no matter how many email addresses you collect. You can always send a broadcast email to your list(s). A Broadcast email is a one-time email that you create, rather than a series of marketing emails.

Landing Page Builder

So easy a caveman could do it. If you want to build a quick and easy splash page, just click on the link, select “Add a new campaign”, then “Launch Editor”. It will take you right into the editor with 13 done-for-you pages that you can edit if you like.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to activate the page when you are ready!

Opt-In Forms

Easy too – just click on the link on the left, select “Add new campaign”. Once you have done that, select “Launch editor” and a variety of pop-up designs will appear.

I have one on my site – when you go to exit the page, it will pop-up, so you can view it.

The Bottom Line

I guess you can see that there are a lot of bells and whistles to LeadsLeap, and all for free. If I was surprised, then it is truly worthwhile.

You probably noticed that I don’t really have a list of “cons”, or bad things. That’s because there really aren’t any. Are a few of the options cloaked behind a pay wall? Yes, but there has to be someway to monetize the site, or it would not exist for those who are only looking for freebie handouts (not you, I know…).

The beauty of Leads Leap – you can REALLY use it for free forever without worry and still benefit from it.



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