Marketers – whether your interest is affiliate marketing or network marketing – sometimes have issues when it comes to traditional social media platforms. Let’s face it, there is an unfortunate stigma around our business arena in the internet marketing world.

That “poor reputation” has been built up by unscrupulous companies such as NXIVM, which is a worst case, and other pyramid or Ponzi schemes. But, as we know, not all marketing companies are bad.

Social media platforms that are designed for marketing professionals can help you market more effectively to an audience that has an interest in the type of programs you are working with.

How Do They Differ?

If you’ve ever done any advertising on Facebook, you may know some of the pitfalls. Sometimes you have to mask or hide what you want to promote or find ways to “reword” your ad so that it will be accepted. This is especially true in the health and weight loss arena.

Not to mention, have you ever had an ad that was accepted, only to suddenly have it deemed “unacceptable”? Even if it has run for weeks?

Worse, have you had your ad account shut down? Yikes! What a hassle!

Social Media sites that are made for marketers and other business professionals don’t have that problem. You can interact by posting to your timeline, just like on mainstream social media platforms. People can like and comment.

You can also promote yourself and your business opportunities without censure (there are a few rules regarding anything that would be illegal or unsavory like drugs or porn).

Who Do They Attract?

Social Media Sites for Marketers are different in that they attract not just marketers, but all types of professional individuals who are business opportunity seekers. Sometimes people are just interested in marketing their business better and are not interested in the way LinkedIn operates, or they have not found the audience that they are looking for.

These sites are also great for those interested in bitcoin or other investment-related businesses. Unlike other social media sites, these special sites don’t discriminate. They understand – as do I – that there are legitimate opportunities out there – it’s just important to give them a chance to share individual thoughts and ideas.

Some Guidelines

In the next section, I’ll share information about a few sites that are worth considering. I’ve tried them out, and this would be my recommendation if you are just diving in:

  • Pick one – just one – and get familiar with it
  • In deference to my first point, if you don’t feel comfortable with it right off the bat, try another, but stick with one platform and try to “dig in”
  • If possible, be social. You have to be social in order to be successful and get the most out of it.
  • Make a few friends
  • Be honest about who you are and what you are interested in.

A Couple Sites To Try


To get started, Webtalk is free, so you can try it out first.

  • Webtalk is the site that is most like a news feed.
  • Like Facebook, you can “like” a post with one of six emoji faces
  • You can leave a comment. If you go pro or pro platinum, you can remove the ads.
  • You can connect with others, or simply follow someone if you like. I recommend starting to connect with others and posting regularly to get the most value from the system.

If you are able, upgrade. The cost is nominal when compared to the cost of other online programs with value. Doing so is a good idea because you will be able to message other members, even if you are not connected, and conduct advance searches on members by age, gender, location and “available for hire”.

Also as a paid member, you can see who has viewed your profile and use their “incognito browsing” feature. With incognito, you can visit someone’s profile without them knowing. This can be handy.

Cash Juice

A funny name, I know, but very good platform. Cash Juice is also free to get started, so you can try it out.

Cash Juice is a social media (posting) platform, but also so much more.

  • Start by connecting Cash Juice to other traffic, which is called “The Plan”. This helps you promote two things at once – Cash Juice and Traffic Ad Bar, if you are using a Traffic Exchange Site (I primarily use EasyHits4U)
  • Set up your profile. Be sure to use a photo so that people will want to connect with you. No one likes to connect with the grey avatar.
  • Click on the dashboard and scroll down to begin posting – be sure to include an image with your posts.
  • There are a LOT of groups, which are similar to Facebook Groups. So if you have a particular area that you like to focus on, you can join a group. Within a group, the audience is more focused, which can work to your advantage. (Webtalk does not have something like this)
  • There is a “post rotator” – for me, one of the great features of Cash Juice. It means you’ll get more eyes on your posts.
  • Connect with others by “following” them.
  • You can place ads on the site. As a paid member, you get ad points to use, depending on your chosen level.

Like Webtalk, if you want to be serious about using Cash Juice, you will want to become a paid member to get the most benefit from the program.

I have a preference for Cash Juice because I think it has a lot more to offer, like the leagues (groups). I will say, however, it takes a bit longer to uncover all of its features and get using them to your advantage. It’s time well spent, though.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is fun for friendships, but social media sites designed for marketers help you get serious about your affiliate or network marketing business.

LinkedIn is great for lawyers and CEO’s. Although it can still be a useful platform, as can Facebook, it is not designed for our industry. (You’ll find a good number of affiliate marketers on LinkedIn though)

A good friend of mine, who is has almost 20 years experience and is extremely active in network marketing, once pointed out that marketers are always on the lookout for new programs and opportunities, so you might be in front of them at just the right moment by being socially active in the right arena.

I consider myself to be more of an affiliate marketer, and I like to diversify my connections and offerings. For that reason, anything can be an opportunity and something I can simply add on to what I already offer. These sites offer the knowledge of diversity that I look for.


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