Updated February 21,2023

With the 2023 update, I have taken off some programs that have closed or are no longer usable. I have begun to simplify things…

How to start from scratch when you are just beginning? You probably feel like you don’t know anything. But, guess what – you do!

The only trick is to complement your knowledge and interests with online opportunities that you can promote and/or sell to make money.

I want to help. I am starting a series of blog posts designed to help you earn and learn so that, ultimately, you can have success. Just so you know, it still takes time, commitment, and reality. You will not earn $1,000 overnight.

You will, however, get started on a path that will keep you growing, learning and becoming a trusted member of the marketing community which eventually pays off.

With that, let’s get started!

Begin with Passive Income

It seems like “Passive Income” is the catch phrase of the year. Everyone is looking for ways to earn by doing the least amount of work possible. As a matter of fact, I earn a big chunk of income from an affiliate program I joined 12 years ago. My point: patience will pay off for some things.

I’ve seen my share of articles that share passive income ideas. But an idea can only go so far. It doesn’t help if I tell you to “write a blog” if you are not a writer.

What I would like to share with you are the exact things I am doing – and have done – to really earn actual passive income. Some things earn more than others. That’s why you need more than one thing going on if you want to really boost your passive earnings.

What To Do First?

It’s always good to start with some things that get you earning, even if the earning is slow. You will begin to see dollars grow – passively – with just a quick look each day.

You can also promote these programs, and inviting others will help you earn a bit more as well.

All of the programs on this page have already paid me actual cash money, so I know they are legitimate and not a scam. they will pay out when your money is earned.

Note, however, that some programs payout via PayPal, and some via Bitcoin, still others with Stripe, etc. In other words, there will always be variations in payment methods. So a bit of flexibility in that regard on your side might be required.

I also know there are other programs out there that also seem like they would pay passive income. Some of them really don’t gather enough payment – okay, less than these. I have never been able to earn enough to cash out.

Honeygain- this has been on this list from the beginning…

INVESTMENT: Free – and stays free forever

I wrote a complete blog post about Honeygain and how it works. By installing this on your smartphone, computer and other compatible devices (you can have up to ten and they are all added into one account) you can earn about $60 per year or more.

You don’t even have to find referrals to earn. However, if you do have referrals it brings in a bit more income.

The beauty of Honeygain is that you don’t have to babysit it if you don’t want to. Just install and check it once in a while. When your earnings reach $20 you can cash out. That’s it! You can’t get more passive than that.


Free Bitcoin

INVESTMENT: Free, but you can add funds if you want to

I have been using Free Bitcoin for over a year now. You simply sign up, and you can “roll” every hour for free Satoshis. The amount of Satoshis one receives per roll depends on the market price of bitcoin. Yet, it is little effort to earn.

For each roll you also earn “rewards Points” that can be exchanged on the website. I like the “wheel of fortune” which you can spin once per day if you are using the site for free.


Bottom Line

It is impossible to know all of the passive programs out there. If you know of one that is worthy of mention, please let me know. This group is a good start if you are new to network and affiliate marketing, and especially if you are starting without any cash on hand. Each of these has been vetted by me as programs that actually pay out like they say they will.

PS I know someone will bring up Crypto-browser – it does not pay enough and I got bored waiting.

Let’s get you started learning and earning!

Let me know if I can help…