There are a LOT of promises being made out there in the online marketing world. Everything about it is fast, easy money.

Your problems are solved for you!

No worries, you’ll be rich in no time flat. And “we’ll do everything for you – don’t even lift a finger!

The most interesting part, is that the pitches outlined in this article, and even many others, are NOT leading you or anyone else into a dangerously bad scheme or scam.

My only quarrel is that they set an expectation that is unrealistic, misleading and, in most cases, completely false. And we – that is, you and I – fall for it.

The Perfect Sales Pitch

“The Pitch” consists of information on a splash page (aka landing page or squeeze page) that is designed to catch your attention quickly and rope you in.

It’s practically impossible to resist having a look to see if you can do “whatever it is” to earn some quick cash.

Maybe you’ll just go in for the “free version” so you can have a look around. I do that a lot, but marketing is completely my passion. I am so curious about how things are done. What’s more, I want to really see if it’s worth it for you, in order to drive your particular passions forward. If it is, I want to tell you about it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the network and affiliate marketing fields, there are so many misleading or false claims out there. They hype you up, and then punch you in the gut. (You can feel it, right?)

For your amusement and enjoyment (hopefully) I’ve taken a few zingers and highlighted them here.

Give Me That “Fast Easy Money”

Note: You do not have a license to print money, and there is no easy way to get it. Promises like this are made just to get your money in their pocket. Is it a scam? Probably not, but it IS a completely false promise.

Traffic Can Be Simple

It might be simple to get traffic, but you will not get free cash. No one is giving you anything for free.

PS Anyone will tell you that getting traffic to your offer is not always that easy. AND then getting them to buy.


How Powerful Could It Be?

If it was that easy to get hundreds of thousands of visitors to websites, there would not be so many marketers struggling out there. Do not fall for this false promise. Do your own work and you will find success.


Stupid Simple?

Just don’t be the one they are talking about here.

News Flash: No one is doing all the work for you unless you are paying them a bundle of cash.

$100 From Home Daily – Act Fast!

“Time Sensitive – Act Fast!”

It doesn’t matter how fast you act. As long as people keep falling for the pitch, they will keep on pitching it. So, go ahead, act slow. It won’t matter! (Ha Ha)

In truth, you only have to give up your email address to start, but time is money. Do you really want to waste time on something that ultimately won’t live up to its promise?

They know that $100 per day is a great pitch. Enough people would be ecstatic bringing that in – and with very little effort. Just keep dreaming, folks.

Here’s another one:

Do You Want to Earn…xxx?

Of course, who doesn’t want to earn BIG money?

But this is just another false, misleading claim. It takes work and energy to get things started, no matter your desired path.

Free? Probably free to get signed in – then they will ask for the money.

A Secret…shhhh

I’m sure plenty of people have fallen for this pitch – including me. If there actually was a juicy secret, wouldn’t some of the others who paid for his exciting secret have gotten rich with it by now?

You Are THAT Special

Quick! Sign Up!

You don’t want others to get in ahead of you, do you?

If you have to hurry, it can wait.

… and there are those “quiet fortunes”. Don’t tell anyone!

Did You Ever Hear….

“Don’t quit your day job.”

PS Yes, you can actually begin to make “autopilot commissions”. That is not a lie. But this tricks you into thinking it will happen practically overnight. It takes time and work.

Promises, Promises, Promises

There are a LOT of promises in the pitch below. But read it carefully, and it’s a little strange:

After 30 minutes START receiving free UP TO 100 customers in 7 days (in your network?? what does that mean?)

What a bunch of hooey! No, I’ve never seen that before, and I’m not even sure I understand what they are saying. It sounds like double-talk.

Sure, you’ll start earning money within hours – just how many hours are we talking here?

Yes, Please. Solve My Problems

If someone could solve everyone’s problems for just a few dollars, we’d all be rich, right?

Oh, and there are those “Secret Sources” again!

Thank You For Doing All The Work

The last one: So sorry no one is closing the sales for you. They really aren’t. Like I said, if this were true, people would be flocking to this program.

In fact, you might earn $75 to $100 – but over how many months or years?

Bottom Line

What makes a perfect sales pitch? There are so many offers out there vying for our attention – I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to talk about.

But listen. When it comes to checking things out, I absolutely never call anyone a sucker. If you read carefully, I even tried one of the offers mentioned myself. But there are a million false or misleading claims out there that are designed specifically to get someone excited about earning a quick buck.


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