When I Googled Hot List Mailer, I was specifically looking for honest opinions on the website. All I found were short blog posts saying how great it is. I even tried “Hot List Mailer Reviews” and only found those trying to get you to sign up.

But, hey, I don’t like to call things a scam when they really aren’t. In this post, I just want to walk you through it. In so doing, though, you will have some of my thoughts and opinions.

I will tell you up front that it is not a scam. However, you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

What is Hot List Mailer?

Hot List Mailer is a traffic exchange site started by Matthew Graves. It’s related to about 50 other sites that you are encouraged to connect to once you sign up (but don’t sign up for those other sites).

There are two proposed uses:

  • Increase the size of your mailing list. You use your resources to send traffic to Hot List Mailer as free members, and you have access to their name and email address. They might also decide to become paid members, for which you earn a commission (see below).
  • You can send emails to members of Hot List Mailer sharing your network or affiliate offer, perchance someone might have an interest in your offer. More about this later…

The Hook

Registering for Hot List Mailer is free, and you can remain free forever. You will, however, be pressured to become a “Premium Member” at $95.00 (one time). The hook is, if you don’t go Premium, the credit for the first five paid members under you will pass up to whoever you signed up under.

Example: If you use Joe’s link to sign up and you remain a free member, when Mary uses your link to sign up, and opts to go premium, Joe gets the commission for Mary and the next four people.

Unless you really work hard to sign people up, you won’t have very many people who opt in, let alone pay for premium. You see, network marketers are either cheap or very poor. They continue to look for free options and are not willing to put money into anything that might actually work, just in case it doesn’t.

If the reason you sign up is to get others to do the same, that might not be the best reason.

Even reading this, you’re thinking you might as well try it for free, right?

PS I drank the Kool-Aid and paid – no regrets… just sayin’… but I figured out how to use it… keep reading…

Earning Credits

When you first sign up you are given “credits”. You can use the credits when you want to send an “email” through the system to other members. But those credits are soon gone, so you need more. You are given some daily credits, but you may want more, especially if you are a free member.

You earn credits by looking at the emails from other members (there is a list) and clicking on the link, then staying on the linked website for about 30 seconds.

As a paid member, I have found that I have enough credits not to have to “surf” to earn them (thankfully).

What Happens When You “Email” Other Members

I began to get the picture here pretty quickly – when I “email” the members, my email ends up in the aforementioned list on the website where other members can click on it. When they click on the link and visit my website link, they earn credits, as mentioned above, for looking at the page (other sites call this activity “surfing”).

Here’s what happens: I’m guessing many people do what I do – click on the link, wait just long enough to earn the credits, and probably not even look at the site. Like me, they have no real interest in anyone else’s program, lotion, potions or schemes. They’re just hoping someone will have an interest in theirs.

BUT Here’s a Way To Use It To Your Advantage

Do you have a website? Do you have a blog on your website? If so, traffic exchange sites like this can give you additional traffic. I will usually post the same “email” on Hot List Mailer, but with links to different posts on my website each time. It’s just one more place for visits to come from.

HOWEVER, AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to offset these visits with visits from other sites. I like to use Wealthy Affiliate for the comment links from other members. The commenters are on the page for a longer period of time AND they leave a comment.

The Email Mountain

Once you sign up for Hot List Mailer, welcome to the email mountain!

Your inbox will be overflowing with emails from Hot List Mailer. And if you happen to sign up for any of the associated sites, you’ll have even MORE! You will be drowning in emails.

Fortunately, you can go in and change your settings – but if you have signed up for any of their associated sites, you will have to log into each separately.

Before you know it, you are totally inundated!

Look Around You…

Google “Hot List Mailer” like I did, and you’ll likely find websites touting Hot List Mailer. I found one with a list of twenty lame websites, calling his list, “Top Resources Sites In the Your Viral Netwook”. (Typos? yes, this is exactly how it looks on the website)

If you would like to check it out, CLICK HERE and use my link. Remember how it is best used and be sure to offset traffic from Hot List Mailer with other traffic sites.

The Bottom Line

Look, there is no “hot list” that will give you fast cash. That’s a pipe dream and if you didn’t learn that lesson yet, you eventually will. Everybody does.

But traffic exchange site like Hot List Mailer might help to give you some website visitors.

This is not my favorite traffic exchange site, (I happen to love EasyHits4U) but I do use it, usually by logging on on Monday and scheduling my emails for that week.


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