Experts and Gurus used to tout their “bonus mindmaps” for years, which were nothing more than diagrams with a bunch of arrows and lines all over the place. They were as helpful as mud in giving any kind of direction to someone looking for clues to starting an online business venture.

The latest trend, which seems to have replaced the mindmap, is the “business blueprint”. Or even, the “business blueprint template”. Go ahead and Google it. I did. There could not be more confusion, misguidance, and lack of coherence.

I am not going to add to the noise. Instead, let’s look at what it is, and, if I can help guide you, I will feel fulfilled.

One of the main issues is that there’s more than one way to look at a business. There are separate blueprints for each aspect of the business, and no one plan of any kind can cover everything. There are blueprints for scheduling your time more efficiently, using social media, providing better service – well, you name it.

How do you really know what is worthwhile for you and your business? And, finally, what do you really need to get started?

Do You Need a Business Blueprint?

The simple stupid answer is “sort of”. What is really needed is a basic plan of how you expect to get started, and a few steps you plan to follow, initially, to move forward.

As a marketing person, I look at things from a marketing perspective. Consider a few things:

  • What are your interests? There are a lot of online programs and tools out there that have nothing to do with your passions and thoughts. First step: write down the things that interest you most, even if it’s just watching your grandchildren.
  • What are you good at? Look at your personal strengths and weaknesses. Write them down.
  • Take the list of strengths and determine which are really worthwhile, which you could work on, and which strengths you would like to mobilize (in other words, use).
  • Look at the weaknesses. If you are thinking of an online-related business of any kind, whether it’s affiliate marketing or network marketing, do you have weaknesses that will hold you back? If you are really really bad with computers or the internet, it’s not a deal breaker. But you will have to make it your first priority to get good at it.
  • Do you have time to devote to a new endeavor?
  • Lastly, what are your goals? For most people, the initial thoughts revolve around freedom – either financially or time-wise.

These are just a few of the first things to ask yourself as you get started.

The one important thing: Your interests. You will want to incorporate things that are of interest to you. If not, it’s just another J-O-B, and you can get that anywhere.

The Problem With Someone Else’s Blueprint

When someone else prepares a business blueprint template, there is one important thing missing – YOU. They have prepared the blueprint to sell their dream. They want you to buy into it, even with just $7. They know that, if you are willing to part with $7, the chance that you will invest more to help them sell their dream exists.

Only you can decide the path that will work for you based on your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and those things that you can change and are willing to change to accomplish your goals.

  • Every time I look at a plan that has been prepared by someone else, it includes things that I don’t care enough about to continue doing it, so I give up.
  • Or it’s so complicated that I give up.
  • Or it starts by asking a bunch of questions that I don’t yet know the answer to. If I could just get past the beginning, which I can’t, so I give up.

I can’t live someone else’s idea of a dream. I can only live my own.

It’s the same for you. So if you can’t incorporate your interests, goals and dreams into another person’s business blueprint, it will never work for you.

How To Create Your Own Business Blueprint Template

Once you know your interests and goals, you should be working to fulfill that, even within the realm of affiliate or network marketing.

I belong to an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. When you first set up your profile, you are asked to write down your money goals. You can also put into writing any other goals that are important to you. Writing them down makes them real and tells the community what’s important for you. Then they can help you attain those goals. I have found everyone in the group to be very supportive.

My suggestion here is to do your homework. Know what things you can do to feed your passions while still starting to build an online brand, business and presence that will bring you an income.

Be aware of the fact that there are tools out there designed to help you grow your business, but that are not part of your passion. They are tools. You will need to learn how to use them to grow your business – not make them your business – unless it makes sense to do so.

What Happened To The Old-Fashioned Business Plan?

In the old days – okay, it’s not so old fashioned – we prepared a business plan. The plan was much more comprehensive than a simple blueprint. And sometimes it’s still needed today, depending on the project.

The only problem with a business plan when it’s just you deciding to try something new, is that it is comprehensive and takes time to formulate.

Your business blueprint should be:

  • something that you can get started on quickly
  • allows for flexibility as your plans develop
  • gives you the freedom to “bob and weave”. If you got off on the wrong track and you need to adjust, no problem. Look at what went wrong, and let’s fix it.

The Bottom Line

Every business needs to plan and decide what makes the most sense to create a sustainable program for the long haul. Online marketing – now matter how you slice it – is no get rich scheme. And there is no way to do it without work and dedication of some kind.

Your business blueprint, once developed, is a roadmap designed to help guide you towards success based on your interests and goals, not someone else’s.

Need help?

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