A few times a week I’m asked what I do as a professional marketer. In other words, “what works for me?”

I’m going to share that with you. But I first I’d like to point out: there is a different drum beat for each person on the planet. What works for me will not always work for others.

However, there may be some tools, programs or other things that you can incorporate into your ideal network marketing plan, sometimes known as a blueprint.

I’ve seen plenty of “blueprints” offered by other online gurus as their freebies. They make those offers so that you will give up your email address and the offerer can then market to you. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the blueprint is only a part of the equation. The other part must completely and totally come from you.

I don’t want you to follow me. I mean, I do, but I don’t. I prefer it when you take things that I share and find a way to make them work for you, in your own way.computer screens

(Pictured: My actual desk – yes, I have three monitors! The monitor image is my dog, Cody)

With those words, or, hopefully, “little pearls of wisdom”, here are the online places I go to regularly:


Everyone should have a program that revolves around something for which you have an interest or passion. Don’t do something just for the money. It will never work. If you use traffic and social sites to promote yourself, those can be promoted secondarily (unless you are a marketer, like me), but your program or niche is king.

Here’s what I use:

Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is a community of content marketing platform providing the training, support and knowledge you need to start your own affiliate marketing website (or websites) and begin earning as an affiliate marketer – no matter what your niche is –  using the program and support from the community. I had wanted to get started blogging for years and just could not get it going. Believe me when I say, this was magic. It is the single most exciting program that I have ever become a part of, and that is from my heart. READ MY REVIEW

Lead Lightening: This is a Network Marketing program. Why do I do it? I meet people all the time who are beginning with very little cash to layout. This program offers value for that person. For a one-time payment of $7 you get training and resources to help others also find this value in the program. For each new person you enroll, you receive $6. In the meantime, you are building your list of followers right inside Lead Lightening. It’s a great program for online network marketing newbies. Once you get a few referrals under your belt, there is an upgrade that will give you more tools and additional value.

Traffic and Social Sites

Cash Juice: Cash Juice is a community of fellow opportunity seekers. You post just like you would on Facebook or other social sites. But there is so much more. I have enjoyed getting to know other “Juicers”. It gives me a chance for exposure to some of the incidental projects I am working on. READ MY ARTICLE ON CASH JUICE

EasyHits4U: This is a type of traffic exchange site. It works like this: You “surf” the sites of other members, earning coins that you can apply to have them surf your website/program/offer. It’s free to join, but I pay to be a premium member, which gives me free coins each month plus a few other perks. There are a few other aspects of EasyHits4U as well, this is just the main thing. READ THIS ARTICLE ON TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITES

The Crypto Mailer: I’m a little late to the cryptocurrency scene, but love this, perhaps because it is new. It is a typical traffic exchange. You send an email, as do all of the other members. You earn credits for viewing the other email offers. Those credits can be used for sending additional emails. I have found this audience to be very receptive. Also, I like the one time cost of only $37 for a gold membership, but note that you are dealing in Bitcoin here.

Online Tools

LeadsLeap: I couldn’t decide if this was a traffic site or a tool, so I have included it here. Leaps Leap has a lot of pieces to it, and that’s what makes it so valuable. READ MY COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW

AWeber: AWeber is the best place for email marketing for network and affiliate marketers. READ MORE HERE

Subjectline.com: A free tool to check the subject line of emails for “openability”. That is, will someone read the subject line and be enticed to open the email? I also use this for blog post titles, for the same reason.

Cloudconvert.com: Did you ever have an image file that ended in “webp” and you didn’t know what to do? Use this website to convert it to something you can easily use, like png or jpg.

Stencil: Many people have heard of Canva, and probably even used it. Like Canva, Stencil is used to create graphics for social media, your website and more. I have a preference for Stencil because it works far more smoothly. Also, all stock images are included – I don’t care for the “nickel and diming” that Canva sometimes does. I use this every single day.

InVideo: Fantastic easy tool for video creation. A note, however, you have to get used to it. There are hundreds of pre-made videos that you can make your own, as well as video clips and images that are included. You can take any video you’ve made on your phone, bring it into Invideo, crop out the bad parts, add an intro or outro, music, words, etc.

Speechelo: You write the text, and, using artificial intelligence, a professional voice in one of several languages will read it – even with accents (as an example, British English). I love it! Made by Blaster Products, who worked on this project for over ten years. Another plus – only a one-time cost of $47 – no monthly fees. READ MY REVIEW


There are plenty of sites out there for images and I do, from time to time, use others. But these are my “go to” sites. Use caution when looking for images and be sure not to use copyrighted images without permission! Do not search images on Google and use what ever you see.

Unsplash: One of the best free sites for online images. The only thing I think about, however, is that so many of the images are being used, that it might be tricky to find one that hasn’t already been used all over the internet, depending on your topic. Unsplash now has plugins and other tools allowing for integration with other programs like WordPress.

Deposit Photos: I’ve found that paid images, vectors, video, etc. are about the same on several of the paid sites. I’ve had a relationship with Deposit Photos for a long time, but it is not necessarily better than other paid sites. But if you are not using a paid site, consider this one.

The Bottom Line

I wish I could give you my blueprint to success, but, even if I did, it would not lead you down a path that was right your you.

I will say, though, all of the things on this page are “tried and true programs” that will help you build your affiliate or network marketing business, not matter where you are starting out.

For example, pick a program, if you don’t have one. If you don’t want to start a website, or Wealthy Affiliate is not right for you now, try Lead Lightening. What ever it is, give it a really good go. Promote the heck out of it for at least 6 months. If it doesn’t work, you will need to figure out why. Hey, you can always reach out to me and we can brainstorm.

When you succeed, we both succeed. I truly believe that in my heart. Wishing you tremendous success!